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Descended from a line of acclaimed artists, Dave "Persue Ross continues family tradition and is recognized by his peers as a true artistic pioneer. With an energetic, illustrative style, his technical ability and poise as a young artist in the 1980's quickly earned him the respect of his contemporaries throughout the world. Persue shifted his focus from commercial work to his own projects, and relocated to New York City in 2014. His background as a graphic artist, designer, and muralist has afforded him a natural transition into the fine art sphere as his aesthetic continues to evolve. 

Diane “Monny” Satenstein grew up in New York City and spent her younger years competing as an award-winning equestrian, studied drama in her twenties, and spent time acting on stage in Manhattan. A loving mother of six children and eleven grandchildren, Diane's seemingly endless supply of love for her fellow humans afforded her a natural transition into devoting her later years to Social work. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She enjoyed spending her free time reading, going to the movies, and attending museum exhibitions. Diane was goofy, compassionate, cultured, and intelligent, and we miss her deeply. 

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