A compassionate but naive cat in the middle of her journey of self discovery. Daisy is given magical powers that can only be activated when she wears her Bunny Suit and becomes BunnyKitty. When faced with adversity, she rises to the occasion and taps into the bravery that the Bunny Fairy saw in her in the first place.

Daisy’s stuffed bird is the main reason why she ended up in her magical Bunny Suit. Twurp is a silent observer and has a huge personality, sometimes the viewers may see Twurp as a real bird.


is a siamese twin purple octopi with hair as big and boisterous as her voice. They are back-up singers for the famous band The Slugganauts and become fast friends with BunnyKitty when they come to her aid on the ferry on the way to the city.


Rilla is rough and tough on the outside but surprisingly sweet on the inside. Rilla starts off as a bully in the BunnyKitty story. BunnyKitty challenges Rilla to use his heart. They become friends after a big misunderstanding.


a family of magical dragons full of ancient wisdom. They help the BunnyKitty crew navigate their adventures. They teach valuable lessons along the way.


lives in the city and is BK’s arch nemesis. BunnyKeeper witnesses BK using her magical bunny suit and wants it for his own evil doing. BunnyKeeper uses a magical potion and watch to enslave bunnies to do his evil biddings.

Booger Monsters are human-like monsters that are made from mucus and city dust. They roll in cliques and work for the BunnyKeeper.  They have terrible manners.


is a siamese re-alley-ty cat and lead guitarist in the Slugganauts. He spray paints powerful messages on the walls of the city and becomes close friends with BK. BunnyKitty develops a crush on DeeDee. How can she resist? He’s so cute.


Dijon is a blonde dachshund. He lives in the cemetery under a large tree stump near his master. He discovers he’s related to the Luck Dragons and is given the ability to fly. Dijon is loyal and fearless in the face of adversity.

Kaki Fry is a breaded oyster that meets bunnykitty in the city when he escapes from being deep fried. He lost his home, but the breaded coat keeps him warm. 


Descended from a line of acclaimed artists, Dave “Persue” Ross continues family tradition and is recognized by his colleagues and peers as a true artistic pioneer. In the late 80’s, Persue (pronounced ‘per-SWAY’), found himself irresistibly drawn to the world of graffiti.

With an energetic, illustrative style, his technical ability and poise as a young writer quickly earned him the respect of his contemporaries throughout the world. Between 1991 and 2010, Persue transcended boundaries both on and off the street by bridging the gap between underground and mainstream culture in the skateboarding industry. With an impressive design resume that pre-dates almost any example of street aesthetics being paired with skateboarding, his influence is woven seamelessly into the fabric of modern day youth culture.