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Teachers Reading Pack 5 Book Bundle

Teachers Reading Pack 5 Book Bundle

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Package of 5 BunnyKitty in the City books. Special teacher rate.

Book #2 of Bunny Kitty -N- Frens. Story & artwork by BunnyKitty creator Dave Persue, featuring:

Following The Origins of BunnyKitty released in 2016, our sequel picks up as BunnyKitty arrives in the City to search for her family. Along the way she befriends a group of kind and caring creatures who simultaneously shield her from, and sweep her into, all sorts of crazy adventures in the bustling cityscape. The newest cast of characters represent all facets of humanity and ultimately showcases the goodness in us all, while BunnyKitty's journey to reuniting with her family forces her to evolve and push through self-doubt and fear.

  • Gold stamped hard cover with a full cover printed sleeve
  • Signed and numbered
  • Limited to 1,000 copies
  • 107 pages of new BunnyKitty art!

For ages 3 to 93!!!

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